Alien Worlds Redeemable NFT Mining Power and Rank Points System 2022

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Earning NFTs returns

A New Era of Alien Worlds NFTs

Earning NFTs in the Mining Game returns with a new points system

Getting NFTs in Alien Worlds is back in an exciting new way! Where once there was “NFT Luck” there is now “NFT Power”, and when Explorers mine with Tools that have “NFT Power” they are now earning NFT Points redeemable for Alien Worlds NFTs.

Mining using Tools with NFT Power accrues NFT Points

With this transparent and skill-based system, players accrue NFT Points from Mining, in the form of Redeemable Points and Rank Points.

Mining using Tools with no NFT Power does not accrue NFT points, and only Tools with Common rarity and above earn points — Abundant NFTs don’t earn points.

Redeemable NFTs will appear in the “Redeem Window” on the dashboard

Redeemable Points

Redeemable Points accrue as players mine and can be redeemed for NFTs. Redeemable NFTs include new and existing NFTs, and all Alien Worlds NFTs are now awarded this way.

Explorers can now incorporate NFT Points and earning NFTs into their gameplay strategy. The industrious among you will enjoy redeeming your points and receiving new NFT game cards for the very first time.

Redeeming NFTs

The “Redeem Window” is located under User Profile

Explorers can view available NFTs in the “Redeem Window”, located under the User’s Profile.

Redeeming an NFT

Rank Points

Rank Points and Title appear on User Profile

At the same time Explorers are mining and accruing points to redeem NFTs, they are also earning points toward a Rank. Rank points are separate from the points that can be redeemed for NFTs.

There are 10 levels of Rank. Explorers start at level 1 or “Novice” and are able to level up to level 10, “Oshi Initiate”.

Rank Levels

Rank NFTs

Every time a player’s Rank Points reach a new level, their hard work will be rewarded with an NFT. These NFTs have never before been seen or used in gameplay, and they will have utility throughout Alien Worlds.

Rank NFTs

Welcome, Explorers, to a dynamic new era of NFTs in Alien Worlds! Acquire NFTs by accruing Redeemable Points; level up to new Ranks and receive NFTs, and explore Alien Worlds further than we’ve gone before! All points are stored on-chain and are not transferable between accounts.

Stay tuned for more in-depth content looking into this renewed way of earning NFTs while mining in Alien Worlds. For questions about NFTs Points, please reach out on our official Telegram and Discord channels, staffed around the clock.

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A Brief Overview of Alien Worlds Social Metaverse

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