Resilient BRC20 Tokens Thrive as Fake News Suspected in Bitcoin’s May 2023 Crash

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The world of cryptocurrency has been in the news lately, with both positive and negative developments. Recently, the value of Bitcoin plummeted, leaving investors puzzled about the reason behind it. Some experts believe that fake news may have played a role in this crash, as it can have a significant impact on the market. However, others disagree and believe that other factors, such as regulatory changes, may be responsible.

BRC20 Token Economy Thrives Amidst Crypto Downturn, Surging 53% in Five Days

Despite this setback, the BRC20 token economy is thriving amidst the downturn. This type of cryptocurrency has surged by 53% in just five days, indicating that there is still hope for the industry. The BRC20 tokens are designed to operate on the blockchain, making transactions faster and more secure. Additionally, they offer various benefits, such as lower transaction fees and enhanced privacy.

The growth of the BRC20 token economy demonstrates that the cryptocurrency industry is not dead, and there is still room for growth. However, investors need to be cautious about the information they consume, as fake news can lead to market crashes. The key is to stay informed about regulatory changes and technological advancements, which can have a significant impact on the market. Despite the challenges, the future of cryptocurrency looks promising, and investors who make informed decisions can reap the rewards of this rapidly evolving industry.

Crypto market analytics platform CryptoQuant said the latest fall may be due to a coordinated FUD campaign against the primary cryptocurrency, which triggered a wave of liquidations this week.

The US Government Did Not Sell Its BTC

In a post on Friday, CryptoQuant analyst IT Tech called attention to a wave of online, “coordinated fake news” related to the US government selling its Bitcoin earlier this week.

He specifically called out a Twitter account called Whale Chart, which he deemed “one of the worst accounts to follow” due to publishing “fake news without sources.”

“Many accounts retweeted this news without any fact-checking, and as a result, we saw the second-largest long liquidations in 2023, with over $36M being liquidated within one hour,” wrote IT Tech.

The US government is currently one of the world’s largest holders of Bitcoin, having seized billions of dollars in coins related to illicit financial activity over many years. Some of those funds are related to the online darknet marketplace Silk Road, while others were connected to the 2016 Bitfinex hack – the latter of which remains the largest-ever financial seizure.

According to the on-chain data platform Glassnode, the US Government’s on-chain balance is 205,514 Bitcoin. This balance has not changed in recent days, last moving in early March when the government sold 9861 BTC seized from Silk Road, which was publicly disclosed weeks later.

CryptoQuant possesses a similar dashboard, which reports a slightly different figure for the government’s Bitcoin balance at 204, 013 BTC. However, its timing for when the government last moved its coins seems to match Glassnode’s.

US Government’s Bitcoin Balance. Source: CryptoQuant

Nevertheless, fears swept the market on Thursday, resulting in $150 million in liquidations within one day, and $40 billion cleared from the total crypto market cap.

“Fortunately, we can verify this type of news using on-chain data,” added the analyst.

Against the odds of a market slump, BRC20 tokens have shown remarkable resilience

These tokens, which are built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, have experienced substantial growth in the past five days. As of May 11th, the total market valuation of BRC20 tokens stands at $427 million, representing an impressive 53% increase since May 7th. The number of BRC20 tokens in circulation has also grown to 14,450, up from 13,530 just four days prior, according to statistics from This remarkable growth demonstrates the potential of BRC20 tokens to be a viable and profitable option for investors, even in the face of a market downturn.

CryptoQuant is Bullish on Bitcoin

In an interview with CryptoQuant in April, representatives for the firm told CryptoPotato that institutional investors are eyeing Q3 and Q4 2023 as a time to invest, waiting for confirmation that Bitcoin has left the bear market behind.

“These are from conversations that I’ve been having mainly with institutional allocators and also people who are fundraising core funds as well,” said CryptoQuant’s Head of BD & Strategy Benjamin Brannan.  “They’ve been speaking with various institutions or high net worth individuals.”

Brannan added that he doesn’t expect Bitcoin to retest its post-FTX $16,000 lows going forwards – bar  a “black swan” event like “Russia blowing a nuclear weapon into Ukraine, or Binance blowing up.”

Meanwhile, Head of Marketing Ho Chan Chung claimed that Bitcoin could return to its previous all-time highs by Q2 2024. 

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