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highest paying crypto games

Crypto gaming creators now have the opportunity to integrate real-world economics into their games through the use of blockchain technology, although virtual game currency is not new.  

Cryptocurrency players can acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or cryptocurrency by participating in and winning games.  In-game digital tokens can frequently be converted into stablecoins via controlled and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Internet exchanges allow you to instantly convert digital assets into fiat money or sell or exchange them for fiat money.

Lockdowns during Covid, when we spent a lot of time indoors, may have contributed to the game industry’s rapid expansion: Compared to 2019, £1.6 billion ($2.1 billion) more was spent on video games in the UK in 2020. During lockdowns, people played video games such as Animal Crossing and Call of Duty as indoor entertainment.
Globally, the video game market expanded in 2021 as well, according to InvestGame research. Compared to the first half of 2020, private investments increased by more than three times, while public offerings increased from $4.9 billion to $17.1 billion.

Another trend identified by InvestGame in its research: is the development of blockchain-based gaming. Through the use of a non-fungible token (NFT) market or by allowing players to earn cryptocurrency incentives through gameplay, crypto games integrate the two technologies.

The use of cryptocurrency in the gaming sector is showing signs of success. One of the most well-known crypto games, Axie Infinity, has generated an astounding $1.2 billion income.

One hundred twenty-eight blockchain gaming startups will get investments in the first quarter of 2022, which is a sign of the growing interest in and media coverage of the cryptocurrency gaming industry. But it seems to be a competitive environment where participants and investors switch projects often. Therefore, it’s becoming more crucial for gaming investors to comprehend the specifics of the highest-paying crypto games.

What is Crypto Gaming?

The centralization of traditional games prevents all things and experiences (XP) earned from playing from being utilized in other games. Blockchain technology, which is used in cryptocurrency gambling, alters this. The usage of awards and products by players across various cryptocurrency gaming projects is now possible.

Players may also make money through cryptocurrency gambling. Players can engage in what is known as a “play-to-earn paradigm” in several different ways. Take Axie Infinity as an illustration. Axies are characters that players may purchase, level up, and then sell for more money. Additionally, players may engage in combat with their Axies to gain SLP and AXS, two cryptocurrency game tokens based on Ethereum.

This offers an entirely new component to the market: the notion that gamers may earn cryptocurrency while playing games. Three out of four players surveyed by Worldwide Asset Exchange said they hoped they could utilize their cash on different platforms, which is a positive move.

Although the idea of virtual game currency is not new, the development of blockchain technology has given crypto gaming creators the chance to incorporate real-world economics into their games.

By participating in and winning a game, cryptocurrency players can acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or cryptocurrency, which become the player’s personal property.

Controlled and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges make it frequently possible to convert in-game digital tokens into stablecoins. These digital assets can be instantly converted to fiat money or sold or exchanged on internet exchanges.

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How does Crypto Gaming work?

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Crypto gaming uses a wide range of various business structures.

According to Adrian Krion, creator and CEO of blockchain-based gaming platform Spielworks, P2E games give players various ways to earn or purchase gaming tokens.

Some earn crypto games revenue by advertising or selling in-game goods like certain weapons, skins, or even virtual territory.

Then, by rewarding them with cryptocurrency or NFTs for completing objectives, the developers encourage players to invest more time in the game. These missions often involve specific activities that require players to engage with the game in some way, such as defeating a predetermined number of opponents or gathering a predetermined quantity of supplies.

The highest-paying crypto games allow users to use their cryptocurrency as a wager in online casinos and other games of chance.

Many of the components in crypto alternatives are already present in traditional games. In-game money may be purchased using fiat cash, and players can also level up their characters and gather things. What then draws both gamers and investors to the highest-paying crypto games?

Ownership is one of the main drivers of the growth of crypto gaming. In contrast to conventional games, those that use blockchain technology grant players tenure over the items they earn. In-game things can be owned by players, traded, or even sold. The marketplace dynamic has drawn players, whether a Splinterlands creature card or a purple Axie with green thorns.

Players are drawn to gaming because it may be profitable. Pay-to-play models, where players must spend money to get the most out of a game, have drawn criticism in the past for several titles. Before cryptocurrency gaming, spending money would enhance your experience, allowing you to level up more quickly, for example. The play-to-earn crypto approach of cryptocurrency gaming accomplishes the opposite, allowing users to benefit from their initial investment in the form of cryptocurrency game coins. This has even made it possible for sure Filipino gamers to make a living.

Notably, most of these games are still in the early stages of development, especially when you consider how bad the visuals are compared to more established PlayStation or Xbox games. If you were hoping for a visually appealing crypto game, you were a few years early.

But if you focus on the economy, the benefits can be enough to keep you interested.

How to Verify Play-to-Earn Games

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This is a whole new period. Therefore, verifying the validity before spending anything is essential because destructive projects are trying to steal.

Tokenomics should be examined first as to the total quantity of tokens, the release schedule, the reward for holding or staking, and additional use cases.

A limitless supply of tokens might not be a brilliant idea at first. Additionally, staking and holding must be profitable for individuals to continue investing.

However, there is no set formula to determine a game’s future. However, don’t spend much first, and don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose.

Make sure to do a thorough background check if the stakes are big enough for you because cryptocurrency is now one of the riskiest investments ever.

Highest-paying crypto games of 2022

1. Axie Infinity

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The “Axies” that players may acquire, breed, grow, fight against, and trade with other online users in this trade-and-battle play-to-earn game are Ethereum-minted NFTs. Axies come in various varieties, and countless ways to customize them exist. When a user defeats another user, they are awarded Smooth Love Potion tokens, which they may exchange for the game’s primary utility tokens, Axie Infinity Shard tokens, by selling them.

1.48 million daily active users may be found on Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity has been supporting a digital economy based on crypto assets throughout Southeast Asia, notably in the Philippines and Vietnam, to demonstrate how profitable this game has become.

Three Axies, virtual animals that may be bought from the game’s market, are necessary. The Axies labs also sell eggs, which you may purchase and then wait for them to hatch into Axies. Additionally, you may breed eggs with Axies to create baby Axies, which you can then sell on the market. To win the native token, Axie Infinity Shards, these NFT Axies will compete against other Axies in a trio (AXS). You may also trade this governance token for actual money. Additionally, they may be staked to gain cryptocurrency staking incentives.

AXS is not the only in-game token used for breeding Axies; there is also SLP (Smooth Love Potions). SLP may be converted into fiat money on reputable cryptocurrency exchange sites like AXS.

The game also announces the future of a limited income, no-upfront-investment model among the highest paying crypto games.

2. Decentraland

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A virtual reality application called Decentraland enables users to create their 3D environment by purchasing land and constructing it there. Once a player purchases land, they are free to develop whatever they want on it, whether that be a brand-new game or a functioning online shop. Another option for players is to hire other users to guard their property when they are not around.

A player must have an Ethereum wallet to purchase and store MANA, the platform’s native currency, to begin playing Decentraland. They may then start using the platform to interact.

The other more engaging (and challenging) approach is to plan games or events and charge admission.

A free internal tool for building experiences functions similarly to the Sandbox. The publishing is the catch; it needs a piece of land you will buy with MANA, the local token.

Offering your services to a landowner, as we do in this mortal physical world, is the third way to make money.

Decentral Games was hiring somewhere around 2021 for their Tominoya Casino. You might have made $200 working there as an intern, $700 working part-time (20 hours/week), and roughly $1500 working full-time (40 hours/week). They ultimately hired 20 part-timers and one full-time manager to handle the metaverse casino.

In addition, you may create wearables, submit them for community approval, and then mint them after gaining permission. Each item requires a $500 registration fee (not per NFT). To generate money, you may finally offer your wearables on the market.

3. Alien Worlds

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The basic idea behind the future sci-fi adventure game Alien Worlds is to play, mine, and upgrade to create an immersive gaming experience. A player may catch NFT alien species and utilize them to dig or locate various goods in the game’s central theme. The likelihood of victory increases as a player makes more enhancements.

Alien Worlds is the name of the game’s official cryptocurrency, which trades on the market with the ticker TLM. A player may use the TLM token to win fights and tasks and exchange NFTs with other players. Players will also need land, mining equipment, and TLM deposits to get started.

4. The Sandbox

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Users may construct, craft, and survive in this blockchain-based game’s blocky metaverse. The Sandbox players may purchase SAND in-game currency tokens to construct a home or a fortress or to engage in missions to get additional tokens. The Sandbox invites individuals to actively participate on the platform by buying and selling NFTs by fusing creativity, strategy, and survival abilities. Players can advance in level as they construct more goods.

Along with Decentraland, The Sandbox is a rising star for 3D virtual reality games with a similar gameplay premise. Both are colonizing the metaverse blockchain.

To exchange virtual lands and conduct other business in the marketplace, players can utilize the utility token “SAND.” The trick of Sandbox is that there are only 166,464 acres available, which raises demand and makes it extremely expensive to acquire them.

Speaking about the visuals and user interface, The Sandbox emulates the traditional Minecraft experience with block-based landscape and goods, allowing gamers to customize how they monetize their content. Trading lands and items and doing in-game objectives are the most acceptable methods to Play to Earn in The Sandbox.

5. Gods Unchained

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The same company that developed Immutable X, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, also produced the game Gods Unchained.

This indicates that the game utilizes Immutable X, a decentralized application platform (dApp) that allows peer-to-peer trading between decentralized apps (dApps) and supports up to 9,000 transactions per second (TPS).

At the moment, Gods Unchained’s game director is Chris Clay, a former game director for Magic the Gathering. Gods Unchained is a trading card game in which players engage in combat with one another while utilizing a deck of cards, core cards, and genesis cards.

The cards you acquire for free by playing the game are known as core cards. Players may purchase card packs instead of grinding if they like. These are no longer being produced but were sold before the game’s release.

Thus, to utilize them, you must purchase them from another player. The immutable X market allows for purchasing and selling all the cards available in the game.

You need a supported wallet, such as MetaMask or another, as this marketplace only accepts Ethereum as payment. Each card has unique stats and levels of rarity; the higher the rarity, the higher the selling price.

A Gods Unchained Mythic card was sold for 210 Ether on December 6, 2019, making it worth $31,000.

Additionally, to play the game, you must create an account. New players are also given a free starter deck of cards.

The GODS token, an ERC-20 token, is the only cryptocurrency token of the video game Gods Unchained. GODS coins represent voting power and let you participate in governance initiatives that affect the game’s future growth. You may use GODS tokens to create NFTs, buy packs from the Gods Unchained Marketplace, and earn even more benefits by holding the tokens in Immutable X.

6. Plant VS Undead

Highest Paying Crypto Games (Complete Guide 2022) 9

Plant vs. Undead is a very adaptable game, and its farm mode keeps you interested with the chance to accumulate light energy, which results in PVU tokens.

There is a method to profit from playing Plant vs. Undead when you own your in-game assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is a play-to-earn game as a result of this.

In this game, users may manage their farm and generate Light Energy and in-game money (LE).

These Light Energy tokens may now be exchanged for Plant vs. Undead Token, a cryptocurrency token (PVU). Then, you may trade this coin on various decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

You must collect seeds, complete daily tasks like watering other players’ plants, and generally do anything related to the farm to earn LE.

As a result, some players can just cultivate plants to generate light tokens, which can then be exchanged for PVU, while others might concentrate on making NFT transactions on online markets. The Binance Smart Chain powers the game. However, if your MetaMask wallet is linked to the BSC, you may also utilize it. See a guide on how to play Plants vs. Zombies for additional information.

The in-game money is called Light Energy, whereas the native token is PVU held on Binance Smart Chain (LE). These can be switched out. As you progress in the game, you will acquire Light Energy, or you may purchase PVU with real money and convert it to LE.

The best benefit is that you don’t have to make any initial investments. In this scenario, mother trees and non-NFT plants are the default assets that each player starts with at no cost.

As you play, you progressively amass seeds, which may be sold in the game’s market when they mature into plants.

PVU may only purchase game assets and transfer them to other players. And unlike some other play-to-earn cryptocurrency games, this doesn’t use a governance token.

7. Gala Games: Town Stars

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Gala Games is a gaming platform that uses blockchain technology and has several types of cryptocurrency games. The GALA currency is offered as a reward and a utility token for in-game player transactions inside the ecosystems.

Not only may tokens be traded in a Gala Games NFT marketplace, but in-game products can also be bought and sold by several cryptocurrencies at a defined price based on their scarcity.

Gala Games intentionally leverages blockchain to provide players exclusive ownership of game objects such as NFTs and ERC-20 Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, even though items are gathered within the games.

In contrast to previous games where Game Master and Admin are the highest writers of game products, every in-game item and inherit status amassed by players will be provable assets on blockchain even when their accounts are terminated from the platforms.

Check out the article “What is Town Star game and How can you earn from it?” if Town Star interests you.

‘ The good news is that eventual integration of Gala Games with other crypto games would allow players to move NFTs between games.

8. Illuvium

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Illuvium is an auto-battle 3D RPG open-world game on the Ethereum Blockchain. The game’s primary goal is for players to win fights, finish tasks, and advance in ranks. In exchange, they will receive ILV Tokens, which are digital assets. The game has the best play out of these on the list.

Players may gather and enhance NFT Illuvial’s many talents to help them win battles. Like other NFT games, NFT Illuvials and in-game objects may be exchanged in the Illuvium marketplace for real-world currency.

9. Age of Rust

Highest Paying Crypto Games (Complete Guide 2022) 12

Age of Rust is a top pick if you’re seeking a Play-to-Earn crypto game with engaging narrative content!

Imagine waking up in a terrible world where AI and robots have taken over in the 44th century. You will explore the mysterious universe and solve puzzles to earn tokens.

The ENJIN Protocol was used to create the post-apocalyptic role-playing game Age of Rust. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and its primary goal is to pique people’s interest in the blockchain industry.

Players are expected to find over 24 Bitcoins (BTC) buried by the game’s inventor, which are currently worth more than $1,000,000, and 370,000 ENJ coins, a utility token in the world of the ENJIN Protocol.

10. Thetan Arena

Highest Paying Crypto Games (Complete Guide 2022) 13

Thetan Arena is a game where players may earn cryptocurrency for free. To progress in the game and earn the local cryptocurrency, Thetan Coin, you are given three free characters (THC). The advanced characters must be unlocked, which you can also directly buy from the market.

The central heart of the game lies with the advanced characters. These can evolve, trade as NFTs, and participate in unique events.

THG is the utility and governance token powering the in-game economy (Thetan Gem). You may also stake the THG token to get stake incentives.

The game also promotes sharing awards or renting premium heroes to offer active methods to make money through gameplay.

11. Guild of Guardians

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In the role-playing fantasy game Guild of Guardian, players may buy and trade heroes to assemble teams and engage in combat with one another. Players may also form teams to take on dungeons and gather materials for hero advancement. This is an Android and iOS-compatible mobile game.

Players may play Guild of Guardian for free and earn NFTs and GEM, the game’s native token, by participating in gameplay. Hold up if you’re eager to begin because this game won’t be released until Q3 of 2022.

12. Mirandus

Highest Paying Crypto Games (Complete Guide 2022) 15

Players may make money by gathering game materials, leveling up their characters, and performing cycle upgrades in an epic fantasy role-playing game set in a vast universe. The gamers can assume the role of their paid avatars.

Players must travel the world and battle dungeon and deep woods enemies to advance their abilities and weaponry. Players in Mirandus have the freedom to pick their characters and their missions in the epic struggle against evil.


Highest Paying Crypto Games (Complete Guide 2022) 16

A Web3 lifestyle application called STEPN includes Gamefi and SocialFi components. The first game to use the earn idea is this one. Using GMT tokens, the primary governance token, users purchase NFTs in the form of Sneakers and outfit themselves with them. Users will earn a GST gaming token, the subtoken with an endless supply, by strolling, jogging, or running outside.

With GameFi, STEPN hopes to help its millions of customers live healthier lives, fight climate change, and connect to Web3, all while also relying on SocialFi.

14. Ember Sword

Highest Paying Crypto Games (Complete Guide 2022) 17

Combat in Ember Sword is classless. It is an online multiplayer game with a player-controlled economy. The game’s primary philosophy is “gameplay first,” It offers hard-core PvP, demanding end-game PVE, and a living economy with engaging narratives.

On Ember Sword, players can own 4 different types of land, and they will get real-world income generated by their property. Your game progress is determined by how quickly you level up your talents from 0 to 100.

15. Spider Tank

Highest Paying Crypto Games (Complete Guide 2022) 18

Spider Tank, a member of the GALA gaming community, was created by the renowned Netherlands-based GAMEDIA employing cutting-edge blockchain technology and play-to-earn features.

Players may make money through skill-based in-game competitions, gathering in-game materials, and cycle upgrading.

Players must examine a range of NFT tank bodies, guns, and special equipment in the tactical warfare arena to improve their abilities and firepower. In addition, Spider Tank offers a variety of game modes that players can try out and compete in by teaming up with three other players to eliminate the adversaries on the tanks.

Risks involved in the highest paying crypto games

Unfortunately, many hazards are now connected to using cryptocurrency for games and tokens.

The fact that crypto gaming tokens are vulnerable to supply and demand dynamics linked to the game’s popularity is a significant concern. The demand for in-game money may disappear if people stop playing, rendering its tokens useless.

Crypto gaming has disadvantages despite its benefits. Access restrictions than others more impact some games. For instance, to play Axie Infinity, a player must have three Axies. Since the cheapest Axies are roughly $100, you must spend at least $300 before you can begin earning. This high level of investment may turn off the ordinary player as most conventional games do not cost more than $100.

You run the risk of losing your NFTs and tokens. This may occur if you attempt to transmit them to a wallet that is incompatible with the NFT kind or if you become a victim of fraud. This is not unheard of; in July, the creator of the cryptocurrency game Hedgie claimed to have lost more than $1 million in NFTs to fraud. Like this, Axie Infinity’s blockchain, Ronin, suffered a breach that resulted in the loss of more than $600 million from its holdings.

There is an even greater danger for crypto games than cryptocurrencies because operators typically are not required to follow regulations like anti-money laundering, which raises the possibility of fraud.

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Investors want in on the booming demand for cryptocurrency games. Sky Mavis received $7.5 million in its initial round of fundraising, thanks in part to Mark Cuban’s investment. Additionally, venture capital firms are joining in: Framework Ventures recently unveiled a $400 million fund for Web 3.0 games, while Andreessen Horowitz just announced a new $600 million fund. You can now earn crypto by playing games, winning battles, and earning rewards.

Solana and Polygon have started investing in early-stage blockchain games incorporating decentralized finance (DeFi) into their systems, showing that blockchain companies are also interested in joining the bandwagon. The market for cryptocurrency gaming platforms may expand as more and more investors exert pressure on them.

Playing games where you can earn cryptocurrency is undeniably the newest gaming craze. And much better if you could earn a respectable sum while having fun.

However, due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, you should exercise caution when playing games that require initial expenditures.

Playing crypto games may be fun and can help you earn bitcoin and NFTs simultaneously. It’s time to choose your favorite and get started now that you know the top 10 crypto games for 2022!