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One barrier to jumping into the opportunities in the Metaverse, for many, is the perception (and reality up until relatively recently), that one must be technical whiz, or an expert in investing, or just rich and luck enough to buy the right coin at the right time.  The truth is, there are many angles and opportunities within all that is ‘Crypto’.

One quick and fun way with essentially no risk, no investment and no technical genius required is P2E or Play-to-Earn gaming.

Not only can you ‘escape reality’ with AlienWorlds and other Metaverse GameFi words, BUT, you can also earn TLM Token and NFT’s a rewards for playing the game!  By mining NFT’s,  joining missions and planetary DAO’s, buying land and spacecraft but you can use the NFT’s in-game to earn even more NFT’s and the games native token Trilium (TLM), by staking to DAOs, staking to missions, leasing your spacecraft, and the list keeps growing as the gameplay and the Alien Worlds metaverse expands.  

Check out the article below for more information on Alien Worlds and other games you may find to be great fun – with great potential to earn too!

What Are Crypto Games?

Crypto Games are games based on blockchain technology. A key difference between decentralized and centralized games is that in centralized games, the in-game aspects such as weapons, skins, or even coding cannot be utilized by other games.

With crypto gaming, however, all players associated with the game can own a piece of the game. In-game rewards and purchases can be transferred to other crypto games as well.

Many crypto games and ecosystems support the use of crypto assets, and many of them produce their own tokens. These can be used by players to generate value in-game, as well as generate value outside of the game.

Why Do You Need To Try Crypto Games?

Crypto games are an especially interesting aspect for the folks who are already into trading crypto assets. Usually, they need to purchase a cryptocurrency, then wait for their price to go up, which can be quite early or quite late, as the market is volatile.

In case of crypto gaming, users can just enter into the crypto games to play, where they can earn rewards in the form of the game’s indigenous cryptocurrency. For instance, instead of buying a SAND token, folks can play Sandbox, do tasks in-game and earn a SAND token for free.

As cryptocurrency is getting adopted widely throughout the world, crypto games will become a major source of income in future, especially for the ones into gaming.

What Is Play To Earn Gaming?

Play to earn crypto games, as the name suggests, are games that allow folks to earn while playing the games.

At first, there wasn’t such a concept, and there were even games where the folks needed to pay in order to play (P2P or Pay to Play). Organizations generated a plethora of money through these games, which was beneficial to the gaming companies but exploited the folks who played the game.

Play to earn crypto games eliminates such a concept, where they can enter a game, play it limitlessly to have fun while generating income.

Ecosystems like Gala Games allows the players to develop their own games on their network, and allow folks to monetize their creations.

What Do You Require To Play Crypto games?

Entering into crypto games is not a very technical aspect. All you need are three things: A Digital Wallet gaming account for the game, and a device that allows folks to enter that particular crypto game.

Establishing a crypto wallet and an account for gaming is an easy and straightforward for an internet user with sufficient knowledge, which is not very much. Folks can also utilize tutorials available on the web.

Only pickle in the jar might be the devices utilized by folks to play crypto games. Usually, crypto games need high energy devices to operate in a proper manner. But if the device is weak, it will affect the performance of the game, like it may give a lag while playing a crypto game on a weaker device.

What Are The Top Crypto-Games to Watch For?

Axie Infinity

Axie is presently the most prominent and most well-liked crypto game in the sector, which includes GameFi, Metaverse, NFTs and many more. Pokemon was the primary motivation behind development of Axie Infinity.

Folks can Earn AXS tokens by utilizing in-game contents. Characters controlled by the folks in-game are called Axies, which players can utilize to battle and earn rewards through them. They can be bred in-game, too, to generate a unique Axie.

Folks can trade Axies on Axie Infinity Marketplace.

Axie Infinity’s indigenous token AXS was trading at a market value of $62.22


Another crypto game is MyNeighbirAlice, and was inbred by the well-liked game Animal Crossing. It is a blockchain-based multiplayer game, offering users a metaverse where people are able to get their hands on digital islands.

How does this game provide value? It is easy, the objective is to gather and trade non-fungible tokens, and folks can utilize the game’s indigenous token to acquire assets.

As of this writing, ALICE was trading at a market price of $8.87.


Next in line is Illuvium. It is an open-world fantasy battle game, and is contemplated by as an initial AAA title to ever land on the blockchain of Ethereum.

This game is too entertaining for gamers as well as DeFi who look for opportunities, as it enables folks across the globe to step into the universe of Illuvium, populated by the creatures titled Illuvials.

As of this writing, Illuvium was trading at a market value of $672.47

UFO Gaming

This is an interesting concept in crypto gaming, and is likely to lure a plethora of science fiction fans in the crypto sector, as it is introduced as an entirely decentralized intergalactic social gaming token.

This project utilizes a P2E model, which is well-liked in blockchain gaming, which means that it lets the players earn assets which can be interchanged or can be utilized as regular money.

As of this writing, UFO token was trading at a market value of $0.00001309.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a decentralized, metaverse based on NFTs, where folks are anticipated to contend for resources, especially when it comes Trilium (TLM), and take part in a simulated economy focused on planetary universes.

Players are called explorers in the game, where the game lets folks to earn rewards via playing the game and taking part in Planet DAOs.

Folks can do mining in Alien Worlds and receive rewards in form of Non-Fungible Token packs or in-game currency TLM.

Should You Focus On Crypto Games?

Looking at folks’ engagement and the fact that it allows players to earn while enjoying the games, it cannot be a thing to turn your back on.

Gamers are already making money through streaming free to play games, and play to earn games can add to their income too.

The concept of play to earn crypto games is flourishing as it provides value to their time. Hypothetically, if games like Call of Duty Warzone, PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds, and many more, introduces P2E concept or introduce their own crypto coins, then, without doubt, it will be a booming moment for all the crypto games, gaming as well as crypto sector.

Concluding this, crypto games can be a massive means for earning, and looking at its community engagement and growing interest, it is going to become a prime source of earning.

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