Alien Worlds-Like White Label NFT GameFi Marketplace Development Solutions 2022

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As the market evolves and grows, we are starting to see every imaginable asset being included in the crypto world, in every imaginable niche or market.  What is is common among all crypto assets, is the need for a solid, reliable and easy to use marketplace solution to buy and sell these assets.

There is a pretty good list (with summaries) of many of the NFT GameFi marketplaces as well NFT marketplace/platform development companies below.  We would suggest you ignore a lot of the ‘white label’ references in the articles, as they are a distraction and awkwardly worded.  The author has their own ‘angle’ (promoting the idea of entrepreneurs building out their own NFT marketplaces and/or games), but, frankly, it just doesn’t really work.

A better angle we think, is to look at the NFT Development companies listed as direct investment opportunities themselves; keeping an eye on the projects they are working on to find early opportunities that may be coming out in the space, is another interesting, and more realistic angle for the average crypto investor/user.

The lists themselves, though, are pretty good and worth a look (the list of NFT platform development companies is at the bottom if that’s your focus).

This topic may warrant a deeper dive post here on this blog in the future.

Seven Highly Ranked NFT Marketplace Solutions

#1 OpenSea 

One of the topmost and pioneering Marketplaces in the crypto space easing trading and transaction of Digital collectibles is Opensea. This has evolved as a trendsetter in the market with high proportionate sales volume encouraging crypto enthusiasts to trade
various NFTs, including art, music, video, domain, and much more, with high transaction security and safety.

This platform trades a wide range of assets in ERC721 and ERC1155. These decentralized platforms allow traders to transact purchases from DecentraLand, ENS games, Axie Infinity, Cryptokitties, etc. The platform can be enhanced and encouraged with prominent
features and functions, making it improved for users to vitalize at ease. A perfect space that is highly compatible for entrepreneurs to vest on for developing similar white label solutions.

#2 DecentraLand

A gaming platform that has taken its diverse variation in digital trading. DecentraLand is a play-to-earn platform with increased user efficiency. This is a space giving the creators and gamers in the spectrum full rights for their NFTs. With the increasing
demand in the market for the inland trade, auction, policy updates, and NFT contract, this marketplace function can fall into existence. The users can purchase an array of Digital collectibles in the platform, including wearables, features, names, domains,
games, parcels, estates, attributes, and much more.

With improved trade functionalities, the platform also extends its capabilities allowing users to build their possible infrastructures like they desire that are also considered as assets in the digital space. By developing a similar White Lable NFT Marketpalce
like DecentraLand, your platform can imbibe increased efficiency in the marketplace also take its security as the assets are also stored in the smart contract built upon Ethereum Blockchain ensuring high compatibility. This is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs
for its extended abilities and performing skills that attract increased audiences’ attention.

#3 Axie Infinity 

One of the marketplace in the blockchain networks that captivated the interest of increased audience attention in a sooner pace is Axie Infinity. This is a gaming platform with inland trending. The Axies are bred and battled to gain increased rewards and
potentials that improve the gaming abilities in the space. These attributes can be minted and listed in the marketplace for trading them as NFTs. The players with increased power and potential can farm, build and erect their kingdom of the axies. Based on
the demand, the players can stake the assets and also trade them for good value.

This Ethereum gaming platform is highly productive and encouraging for an entrepreneur in the market. It has the great potential to grab the attention of gamers and traders in the market with multiple revenue streaming abilities.

#4 Rarible 

The Finest and the pioneering marketplace still have their place among the traders and NFT enthusiasts in the market. A traditional and highly captivating market eliminates the mediators in the space. It brings a perfect stage for all creators and artists
to showcase their talents to a wider audience and eventually monetize on the same. This is marked as the top marketplace of 2022, where the artist gets the option to gain royalty in secondary sales. The governance token RARI gives the users the power to vote
and take part in important market decisions.

By choosing to develop a similar white label solution, it can be an empowering source with the entity to support your enterprises with increased functionality and abilities to trade exclusively rare tokens.

#5 Enjin Marketplace 

One of the gaming library in the blockchain networks is Enjin, which has a wide collection of games from the Six Dragons, Multiverse, The age of Rust, and others. Besides the gaming rewards in the marketplace, there are other community-created collectibles,
Microsoft Azure Heroes, binance NFTs are also traded. Enjin is one of the best marketplaces where you can choose any digital assets to trade, unlike other platforms. The Enjin coin is used to buy digital assets in the platforms, and it has traded almost 2biliion
NFTs, and the count is still increasing. The platform also allows creators to list and purchase gaming items and collections in the marketplace, helping players to improve gaming.

#6 NBA top shot

The NBA top shot is a digital marketplace that tokenizes NBA players and tries and catches hold of their speculators and performances that can be monetized by converting them as cards. Other aspects, attributes, and accessories in sports are also converted
as NFTs. All the celebrated moments are as NFTs providing holders with ownership rights. This is also capable of capturing the attention of the trend and flaunt in the social spaces as the sales were all high that accounted for billions and millions in the

This is an ideal solution for sport-related white label NFT marketplaces which can help in easily co-ordinate with the core idea of your business.

#7 Alien Worlds

The Alien Worlds is a unique gaming space in the metaverse operating on decentralized finances. The players here compete with the unique digital items and earn Trilium in the spectrum, which is an in-game token used to travel around the alien world and explore
its possibilities. This is a popular paly to earn gaming space in blockchain technology. This launch was an accumulation of building a platform on cross-chain vitalizing the three platforms like Ethereum, WAX, BSC. Moreover, this highly capable space is capable
of tuning increased revenue possibilities for players and admins in the space.

Highlighting their abilities, Let us now jump to – Where To Develop White Label NFT Marketplace!?

It may not be rocket science, but there are complications in developing an NFT marketplace. The process is huge hefty, but the complications can still be handled with the best team and best plan. Developing your marketplace from scratch is an old-school
technique with a high budget and time. Being the concrete for your business and NFT marketplace for it to have some qualities is important similarly when they are a premiered version of existing space will have a bonus to shoot up in the market.

While a smart round solution you can gel in with is White Label NFT Marketplace development, the platform’s compatibility is retained with a wider space to customize and build your desired platform the way you want. And when you choose to go with White-label solution, we got you covered with the list of White Label NFT Marketplace Development Companies in the market, rendering the best services in a qualitative time and at an efficient cost.

White NFT Marketplace Development solutions from the top-rated Companies


A perfect space for a White Label NFT Marketpalce solution would be INORU. They are one of the pioneers evolving with the trends and traction. Moreover, they specialize in developing applications. With the trend, they also have vested in the space of Crypto
and NFT marketplace development with white label solutions, a quick, cost-effective solution that can gain huge traction for your business. Customization is the highlighting ability of this company ensures to develop a highly secured platform with advanced

#2 Bit Deal 

Bit deal is a globalized company with high-security standards vesting on crypto-space developments. They give you compatible solutions that are simplified for users to vest on. They help you develop your marketplace with strong attributes and much-improved
functionality, contributing to the best for your businesses in the blockchain networks.

#3 Maticz 

They are one existing long-term in the market providing NFT based solution and marketplace development services for your business. They strive to give the best for your business with increased attributes and functionality with their clone script solutions.

#4 Appdupe

AppDupe is a good place to get a White label solution. They imbibe advanced functions and features for your business tool and give you the best solution. They prioritize clients and help you develop your desired NFT marketplace with high customization.

#5 Antier Solutions 

A premium NFT marketplace development company given the best requirements for its clients. They develop various marketplaces based on requirements and act upon all streams from art to music and many others. They help you with NFT based solutions and get
acknowledged in the market.

What’s NEXT?

The future for NFTs and Crypto spaces is getting a new margin with updated benchmarks every day. The growth is massive, and it’s obvious that every business niche today is experimenting and exploring in this creative economy in a matter of evolving the trend
and emerging to be one.

As an entrepreneur, it is your time now to shoot up in the spectrum with your White Label NFT Marketplace. Get set and Grab the vital opportunity NOW! Choose your niche, reach your developer now with the script of your business. And at a pace, you can be
on the top list.

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