Alien Worlds NFT Card Shining Costs Less TLM in 2022

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New Shining Costs

New (mostly lower) Shining Costs for Alien Worlds Explorers

With this change to the Trilium charges for shining NFT Cards in Alien Worlds, more players will find themselves able to reasonably upgrade their gear.  That means they increase their Mining earnings as well, which means more TLM to stake, and to shine additional items to become more efficient.  A virtuous circle.

This shift to lower prices to shine Stone to Gold NFT’s and Gold to Startdust NFT’s will be an advantage for the most players, especially for those newer to Alien Worlds GameFi.  This new advantage, as well as being able to play for free and play to earn will continue to expand the reach of the game.  This should ultimately lead to higher TLM prices, benefiting the earliest adopters the most – however, everyone will enjoy the benefits of accumulating TLM through mining, staking, joining missions and contests and improving their mining efficiency with shining as the price increase lifts the value of all earnings.

The details are explained in the article below.

To enable new Explorers to take advantage of Shining Alien Worlds NFTs, the TLM cost for Shine NFTs has been adjusted.

When an Explorer submits multiple Alien Worlds NFTs and Trilium and in exchange receives a higher shininess NFT, it is referred to as “Shining”. Often, shined cards provide more value than their unshinned counterparts due to their higher power.

For detailed instructions on how to Shine Alien Worlds NFTs, review the Knowledge Base article on the Explorers’ Station Satellite.

For the following NFT shininess and rarity levels, costs are now reduced:

  • Stone to Gold: Abundant, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical
  • Gold to Stardust: Common

For the following NFT shininess and rarity levels, costs remain the same:

For the following NFT shininess and rarity levels, costs are increased:

  • Gold to Stardust: Epic, Legendary, and Mythical
  • Stardust to Antimatter: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical

The table below shows the costs in TLM before and after the cost adjustment. Across the top of the table are the levels of shininess, and down the left-hand side are the NFT rarity levels.

Updated TLM costs

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