Best Free Play-to-Earn GameFi ERC-20 Fungible Token Investments May 2022

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Investing in the underlying token (aka native token or layer 1 token) of a strong metaverse game is another way to  choose crypto coins to invest in.  With the turbulence in the current market, either investing in gamecoins directly as a pure investment, or by playing the related Metaverse game and collecting tokens via the GameFi aspects of the game (or both of course!), is a great way to find profits in the crypto world.  The popularity of games is largely determined by the gameplay of course, as well as the general utility and external value of the coins and NFT’s typically earned in-game; being able easily move your digital assets off the platform to trade them for cash or something else of value to you.  As a game, and it’s currency and the utility and mobility of the assets within grow, so does the demand for the limited game tokens available and the price increases.  So, picking popular and exciting new games and accumulating their coins is relatively predictable way to choose solid crypto coins to invest in.

Actually playing the game is a free way to invest (earning the coins to HODL) and can of course be coupled with purchasing the coins directly to HODL.  Free to play games like Alien Worlds and Illuvium that offer many GameFi play-to-earn angles are great examples.

Read the article below for a discussion of the 12 top free play-to-earn games with a gamecoin which is, or may become a growth investment.

Despite being a very young sector, blockchain gaming already has a wide range of projects and games available. There are already gaming companies – and we’re talking about major, established companies – that are adopting blockchain technology.

In the meantime, in the metaverse sector, decentralized gaming projects are thriving, with new ones always being released, and adding to the very fast-growing pile of options. We decided to look into some of them today and recommend some of the best gaming coins that you can purchase based on their quality, technology, innovative approach, rewards, and many other factors.

We hope that one or more of these will attract your attention, and if they do, research them thoroughly, and if they are everything you expected them to be, consider investing in them, and definitely check out the games they offer.

1. Axie Infinity

The first on our list is Axie Infinity. This is the biggest and most popular blockchain gaming project that offers its native metaverse filled with creatures called Axies. Your task is to get these creatures, train them, upgrade them, or breed them in order to create new ones, which can be used or sold. Once you create the ultimate creature, you can fight other players and win battles against them.

If you do, you will receive rewards in AXS, the project’s cryptocurrency, which you can then use for investing, trading, or buying new Axies and body parts. Since every Axie is an NFT, there are no two identical ones out there, especially since there are over 500 body parts to add and strengthen your creature.

2. The Sandbox

Next, we have the Sandbox, which is a unique platform that brought blockchain technology to the world of gaming in a very specific way. The project created a universe where gamers can come, create and collect blockchain-based assets, and earn from engaging with different games.

The Sandbox aims to revolutionize the blockchain gaming market and make it a niche for itself in the global gaming industry. The truly unique part comes from the fact that the project focuses on user-generated content, meaning that users can make their own games and have others play it, and be rewarded for it.

3. MyNeighborAlice

MyNeighborAlice is a very popular blockchain game that was inspired by Animal Crossing. Like in Animal Crossing, you can get your own island that you can buy as an NFT. Then, you collect various resources and build your own settlement.

Best of all, you can earn by completing various daily tasks, competing in tournaments, and alike. And, the game is a perfect way for non-blockchain gamers to enter the world of crypto, as they don’t have to interact with the actual blockchain. All purchases go through Alice, the in-game character that acts as an intermediary between you and the blockchain. That way, players can never get confused or intimidated by the tech aspect, and can simply enjoy their new game.

4. Mines of Delarnia

In the fourth spot, we have Mines of Delarnia. This is a game that recently launched its mainnet version, finally allowing everyone to access it and explore its world. It is another metaverse game that has two types of participants — Landowners and miners. Landowners are players who bought NFTs that granted them ownership of the in-game plots of land, and they can now rent that game to the miners.

Miners, on the other hand, can mine this land, find rare minerals, relics, and all kinds of secrets buried in the ground, and then use it to upgrade their gear, or sell it on the marketplace, and use the portion of the earnings to pay the rent to landowners, while the rest is theirs to do what they wish. It is a very Minecraft-like game, but with the possibility of earning real money, so we were not surprised to see huge interest in it.

5. Illuvium

In the fifth spot, we have Illuvium, which calls itself the world’s first AAA game on Ethereum. It is an open-world fantasy battle game that features a metaverse-based world inhabited by creatures known as Illuvials. The creatures can be captured by the players who best them in battle. After you nurse them back to health, they will fight for you, and follow you on adventures.

It is a game inspired by Pokemon games, and it represents a fusion of genres such as open-world exploration, PVP, action, and more. And, of course, by winning against others, you gain rewards, so once again, you can earn money from this game.

6. UFO Gaming

Halfway down the list, we have UFO gaming, which is a decentralized gaming platform featuring play-to-earn elements, NFTs, and even DeFI functionalities. The project is designed to feature several games, the first of which is an RPG/arcade action game called SUper Galactic, featuring its own NFT collection and an auto battler.

Players can participate in game by using the native UFO token to farm plasma points, and then use plasma points to mint NFTs, which allow them to start playing. The game itself revolves around defending the world against a hostile alien race, and so far, the community was quite pleased with it.

7. Starlink

The seventh project on our list is called Starlink, and it invites players to come along for an adventure throughout the universe. They can go alone or with others, and discover or build entire space stations, and even space cities. Meanwhile, in order to play, they first need to purchase an NFT representing their own spaceship, and then use various resources to learn, craft, and create new items.

The project’s metaverse also acts as a gaming launchpad, with the first game being Warp Nexus, and it was already developed and adapted for the metaverse by Wyrmbite Studios.

8. Alien Worlds

In the eighth spot, we have Alien Worlds, which is a decentralized, NFT-based metaverse where players are dropped into the world in which they have to compete for a scarce resource, Trillium (TLM), which is also the platform’s native token. The project features a stimulated economy that is centered around many planetary worlds. Each world is a unique DAO, where players can rise to the rank of leadership and even participate in multiple DAOs at once.

They can also mine in the game, and as a reward, they receive TLM or NFT packs. Furthermore, they can stake their TLM to increase their rewards, or battle other users for NFTs.

9. Star Atlas

Next, we have Star Atlas, which is a massive multiplayer game that takes place in the metaverse. It was built on Unreal Engine 5, which allowed it to feature cinema-quality, real-time environments.

The game takes place in the futuristic setting in the year 2620, and it features three races — humans, a mix of alien races, and sentient androids. It also combines multiple genres, including flight simulation, exploration, exploitation, RPG, and more. It allows users to navigate the universe and search for resources, all the while trying to beat the other two races by finding them and mining them first.

10. Victoria VR

Moving on to number 10, we have Victoria VR, which is a blockchain-based MMORPG with realistic graphics and it was built in virtual reality. The project is created and owned by users, with the entire world built to be a universal platform for all virtual realities, games, dApps, and more.

The project will feature different games, quests, never-ending adventures, virtual galleries, and even the entire Big Market VR where users can exchange 3D NFTs. In other words, there is a lot to look forward to in this project’s ecosystem.

11. Aurory

Nearing the end of the list, we have a Japanese role-playing game called Aurory. This is a game set in a retro-futuristic universe where players can choose different game modes, including a solo game, or two different multiplayer modes. The solo game mode is a fully hand-drawn, side-scrolling game in 2D.

Players are then tasked to follow the quest of a retro-futuristic cat-like creature called Helios, which is the game’s protagonist. They will go on quests, talk to NPCs, and defeat various opponents to advance in the game.


Finally, last but not least, we have LUKSO. This is a blockchain that aims to establish a new digital lifestyle. It is a multiverse network that combines the worlds of gaming, fashion, social media, and design, with a focus on bringing blockchain to the masses by using the innovative new direction of decentralized applications.

It was created by Ethereum’s former developer, Fabian Vagelstellar, who is also the author of ERC20 and web3.js. Both of which now serve as the foundation for DeFi protocols.


It has only been around seven months since the metaverse went big, and already, blockchain gaming has grown to be extremely diverse and filled with very rewarding projects. Not only that, but it continues to grow, and it will likely never stop. With that in mind, this is the right time to invest and watch the projects — as well as your investment — mature and grow. Feel free to research the projects we mentioned above and see which of them you like the most, or, if you wish, you can always try to find others, as there will be more coming with every passing day.

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